10-11 aprile 2014

ConferenzaGNL – 2nd Conference on Liquefied Natural Gas for Transport


II ConferenzaGNL

Liquefied Natural Gas for Transport
Italy and the Mediterranean Area


The Second ConferenzaGNL-Italy-Mediterranean Area Conference on Liquefied Natural Gas for land andmaritime transport-which will take place on April 10-11, 2014, in Rome, aims to communicate to the Italian and European Institutions on the real commitment of the industrial stakeholders in the deployment of the LNG as fuel for transport.

The attendees will listen to presentations of programs, solutions and technologies in themajor regional areas of the world developed by global energy companies.

The First ConferenzaGNL (April 2013) has started the in-depth analysis on the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for maritime and land transport developed by Symposia and WEC Italy. Between 2013 and 2014, ConferenzaGNL has scheduled monothematic follow-up meetings focused on the interest of the Military Navy in the use of LNG for
naval propulsion, on the development of normative framework and standards for the land transport, and on the opportunities related to the use of liquefied natural gas for ships.

The activities of ConferenzaGNL have clearly highlighted the dynamism, both at European and International levels, of the regulatory and industrial activities aimed to develop a legislative framework as well as the LNG industrial chain for land and maritime transports.

Auditorium Antonianum
Viale Manzoni, 1 – Roma

II ConferenzaGNL Program:

April 10th, 2014


  • 08:45 Registration
  • 09:30 Welcome Address
    Gilberto Callera, World Energy Council Italy
    Chairman Sergio Garriba, Scientific Committee Coordinator – ConferenzaGNL


The International Natural Gas and LNG outlook

Keynote speeches

  • 09:45 Natural Gas and LNG perspectives in Asia and America
    Alessandro Blasi – World Energy Outlook, International Energy Agency
  • 10:05 Natural Gas and LNG perspectives in the Euro-Mediterranean Area
    Nicolò Sartori, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

Strategies and initiatives for the supply and logistics of LNG for transport

  • 10:25 Alessandro Gaeta, Eni
  • 10:40 Giovanni Tagliabue,Edison
  • 10:55 Alberto Ton, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana

11:20 Coffee break

Legal framework and policies supporting the LNG fuel for transport

  • 11:40 The implementation of IMO’s rules on the reduction of maritime air pollution
    Adm. Cristiano Aliperta, International Maritime Organisation
  • 12:00 Status quo of the European Commission’s Directive on the implementation of alternative fuels infrastructure
    Jose Fernandez Garcia, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport
  • 12:20 The Blue Corridors Project
    Xavier Ribas, LNG Blue Corridors Project Coordinator
  • 12:40 Conclusions
    The Italian commitment in the environmental protection of the Euro-Mediterranean Area
    Rapresentative from the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs*
  • 13:00 Lunch


The European market and technologies for LNG-fuelled land transport

Chairman Paolo D’Ermo, WEC Italy

  • 14:00 Introduction: The European market of LNG-CNG fuelled land transport
    Mariarosa Baroni, NGV Italy
  • 14:15 Design engine for LNG-fuelled truck
    Roberto Roasio, Ecomotive Solutions
  • 14:30 L-CNG refuelling stations deployment
    Massimo Prastaro, ENI
  • 14:45 Technical normative supporting the LNG uses
    Francesco Castorina, CIG-Comitato Italiano Gas

Legal framework perspectives in Italy for the use of LNG-fuelled vehicles

  • 15:00 Grazia Maria Cacopardi, The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure
  • 15:15 Marco Cavriani, The Italian Ministry of Interior, Fire Department


Vision and initiatives of National Navies for LNG use in the naval propulsion

Chairman, C.F. Pasquale Tripodi, Chief of the 7th Office, Engine Equipments, the Italian Navy

  • 15:30 Andrea Stegher, SNAM
  • 15:45 Giuseppe Iandolo, Emerson Process Management
  • 16:00 Marco La Valle, Marine Engineering Services



April 11th, 2014

  • 09:30 Welcome Address
    Chairman, Adm. Cristiano Aliperta, International Maritime Organisation
    Moderator, Arnaldo Orlandini, AF Mercados EMI Europe


Programs and projects for LNG uses in maritime transport

  • 09:45 Introduction: the international LNG-fuelled fleet outlook
    Jan Tellkamp, DNV GL


  • 10:00 LNG as Marine Fuel – Rules, Technology & Training
    Ignazio Mulè, RINA Services


Engine design developments in maritime transports

  • 10:15 Marco Golinelli, Wartsila
  • 10:35 Giancarlo Geninatti Crich, Vanzetti Engineering
  • 10:50 Finn Arne Rognstad, Rolls Royce
  • 11:10 Luca Martinelli, Rosetti Marino
  • 11:25 The perspectives of LNG uses and infrastructural needs
    Paolo Dal Lago,

Legal framework perspectives in Italy for the LNG-fuelled ships


  • 11:40 Vincenzo Zezza,the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
  • 11:55 Nicola Carlone,Chief of the 6th Office,Maritime Safety Department
  • 12:10 Giuseppe Alati, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures


Chairman, Diego Gavagnin

Stakeholders Roundtable

The Italian Presidency of the European Union and the LNG for transport issue

  • 12:55 Special Address
    Gilberto Dialuce, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
  • 12:40 Introduction
    Carlo Fidanza, European Parliament, Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism

Invited to participate in the debate
Round table:

  • Domenico Crocco, Anas Spa; Maria Rosaria Di Somma, Assocostieri;
  • Pasqualino Monti, Assoporti*; Dante Natali, Federmetano; Antonio Fulvi, Marevivo;
  • Sebastiano Serra, Italian Ministry of Environment *


  • 13:45 Farewell lunch



*Invited to participate

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