Il cibo, un “evento” per il palato.

Realizziamo la ristorazione internamente attraverso il nostro Ristobar "Fra' Gusto".
Dal coffee break all'aperitivo, dai pranzi a buffet alle cene di gala, cuciniamo sempre in un'ottica di responsabilità sociale e di sostenibilità per il pianeta.
Se poi desiderate portare a casa un sapore che vi ha fatto innamorare, potete acquistare in loco alcuni prodotti che utilizziamo in cucina o che abbiamo preparato in giornata.

Bar and coffee breaks

The “Fra’ Gusto” bar opens at 8 am with an exquisite selection of flans, croissants and other pastries, all homemade and baked daily to accompany the first espresso or cappuccino, and all the others following it through to 5 pm. For example, nothing could be better than a coffee break at 11 am for a sweetly welcome pause in the day’s work, enjoying fragrant cakes and brioches with the genuine flavours and aromas of home, over a friendly discussion to resolve differences or to share ideas.

Table-service and self-service restaurants

Successful catering means offering a variety of foods that satisfy the tastes of every diner whilst maintaining an overall balance of flavours.
This is why we’ve chosen the traditions of St Francis’s homeland, the region of Umbria, with chickpeas, grass peas, beans, barley, spelt and lentils mixing to make delicious soups depending on the season and the creativity of our chefs. Our egg pasta is always fresh and homemade, using selected flours. Meals are completed with PDO cheeses and salami, all natural and carefully chosen from the town of Norcia, famous for its production.

Bread, pizza and breadcakes

The delicious fragrance of freshly baked bread is always present, because we bake it freshly every day, to be savoured straight from the oven in a multitude of variants that change with the changing of the seasons, or as pizza or breadcakes, plain or with fillings, perfect for a snack or even to make a full meal.

Pulses from Umbria

Pulses for all tastes, for the cold winter season or vegetarian diets, our precious legumes from Umbria are rich in complete proteins, and can replace or complement fish and meat with excellent flavour and variety.