Una struttura polivalente,

per fare tutto… e bene.


Sala San FrancescoSeating capacity 90
Width: 7 metres
Length: 18 metres
Height: 4.5 metres
Surface area: 126 sq. metres
Depth of speaker platform: 3.5 metres

The San Francesco room is the “greatest amongst the smallest” and can accommodate up to 90/100 persons.
About 130 square metres in size and rectangular in shape, it is very quiet and extremely bright, and is fitted with practical armchairs in Estel leather that make it particularly comfortable and versatile.

video projector | motorized 16:9 screen | DVD player | speaker table microphones
podium microphones | handheld wireless microphone | audio and video recording | telephone | audio and video links to and from other rooms | automated dimming curtains

Technical data:

  • Audio and video system

    3 Shure dynamic table microphones with gooseneck stand on speaker table and podium

    Maranz MP3/WAV digital audio recorder

    Audio mixer with 6 microphone and 2 stereo input channels

    Shure handheld wireless microphone

    Sony video recorder on hard disk/DVD with incorporated digital terrestrial decoder

    Wide DLP video projector, 5200 ANSI lumens (1280×768)

    Video projector, 6200 ANSI lumens (San Francesco room)

    Motorized screen (400×225 cm)

    VGA connection on podium/speaker table

    Computer audio connection for podium/speaker table

    Dome television camera for recording and control locally or from control booth

    Audio/video links to and from Auditorium

  • Optional services

    Technical support services available at special prices

    Video conferencing facilities

    Implementation and customization of audio, video and lighting systems