Una struttura polivalente,

per fare tutto… e bene.


Seating capacity 572 (parterre 460, balcony 112)
Parterre = 560 sq. metres
Balcony = 205 sq. metres
Stage = 57 sq. metres

The Auditorium is our largest space, with seating capacity for 572 persons, and is ideal for conferences and other events needing to exploit its excellent acoustics, without even the slightest trace of reverberation.

The hall is panelled throughout with undulating slats of chestnut, with walnut bench seats, all produced by Franciscan friars who are master carpenters. Accessibility for the disabled is guaranteed by barrier-free routes both to seating places and towards the stage for speakers.

The recent restoration work included a complete renewal of the ceiling, which like the walls is now completely sound-absorbent, fitted with micro-perforated wooden panels that eliminate reverberation. The spacious and comfortable bench seats in Italian walnut, original from the 1950s and upholstered in Frau leather from the same years, have also been restored, giving the hall a distinctive touch of warmth. An exclusive ventilation system has been installed, exchanging the air upwards from the floor to avoid disturbing the public and to ensure their comfort even over long periods.

Backstage facilities provided for events held in the Auditorium, which can be coordinated from the modern and functional control booth, include two large symmetrically arranged foyers, dressing rooms for performers and speakers, and a lounge. A practical press room is also available, seating up to 20 persons in a reserved and comfortable setting.

video projector | motorized 16:9 screen | DVD and BLU-RAY player | speaker table microphones | podium microphones | wireless microphones | audio and video recording | audio and video links to and from other rooms

Technical data:

  • Audio System

    1 Audio mixer with 24 microphone and 3 stereo input channels

    4 Shure ULX2 handheld wireless microphones

    4 Shure transmitters with clip-on or headset microphones

    1 Shure gooseneck microphone on podium

    6 Bosch digital conference network microphones with translation return to speaker table

    8 Nexo GEO S1230 cabinets in 2-line array (auditorium sound)

    8 Nexo PS8 cabinets (front fill and stage monitors)

    1 Nexo NXAMP 4 x 4000 watt amplifier (auditorium amplification)

    1 Nexo NXAMP 4 x 1000 watt amplifier (front fill and stage monitor amplification)

    2 Audio distributors with 10 balanced audio outputs each

    13 Audio connections from control booth to stage/backstage

    35 Audio connections from stage/backstage to control booth

    1 Audio connection for computer from podium/speaker table

  • Video System

    1 Motorized screen for frontal projection for use in 16:9 or 4:31 versions (max dim. 650×487 cm)1 Panasonic Full HD 16/9 video projector, 10,000 ANSI lumens

    3 Dome HD SONY TV cameras operated from control booth

    2 Computers for diffusion of multimedia contents from control booth/podium/speaker table

    Analog Way Di-VentiX II multilayer graphic mixer (controls up to 4 live layers, with possibility of Picture-in-Picture, multi-effect transitions with fading, splitter and cut functions, superimposition of texts and logos)

    Touchscreen computer for control booth operations

    TASCAM CD player

    MARANZ MP3/WAV digital audio recorder

    Video acquisition system for high-definition recordings of video stream

    Laser pointer and presenter for presentations

  • Lighting system

    1 Ianiro motorized truss

    1 SGM STUDIO 24 Scan Control lights mixer

    4 6-channel DMX dimmers

    6 PC 1000 watt projectors on side supports

    14 PC 1000 watt projectors on truss

    4 ETC 25/50 zoom beam shapers at back of hall

  • Other informationi

    Audio and video links to and from all other rooms.

    Diffusion of audio and video contents from the control booth to all monitors located in foyers, corridors, backstage, press room and the Santa Chiara room.

    Possibility of positioning the audio mixer and lights mixer at back of hall.

  • Optional services

    Technical support services available at special prices

    Video conferencing facilities

    Implementation and customization of audio, video and lighting systems

    Live video streaming (Youtube, Facebook live or private server)

    Simultaneous interpretation system and booths