Oltre il fascino della storia,

l'accoglienza contemporanea.

Fondazione Opere Antoniane (FOA) uses the spaces of the Auditorium Antonianum to contribute to the financing of the missionary activities of the Friars Minor around the world.

Today, the Franciscan Fathers follow the missionary message of St Francis with an awareness of their renewed role with respect to the past: to announce the gospel of fraternal love and peace that Jesus himself lived and announced, building bridges and new relations of brotherhood with people in all the world.

The Franciscan Missions, from the Near to the Far East, from Africa to Thailand and from Central to South America, construct and offer new physical and spiritual places of meeting and dialogue, and above all demonstrate, with their example of “fraternity-in-mission”, that it is possible to live together in the respect of differences.

People choosing the Auditorium Antonianum are therefore able to contribute to the pastoral activities in favour of the sick and needy, the education of the young and the consolidation of interreligious dialogue practised by Franciscan Missions around the world.