Oltre il fascino della storia,

l'accoglienza contemporanea.

The story of the Auditorium Antonianum started in 1947, when architects Mario Paniconi and Giulio Pediconi were commissioned to prepare designs for a Great Hall to host the students and events of the Pontifical University Antonianum, together with a series of lecture rooms and a library.

The new Great Hall was situated in the courtyard of the university, with the classic semi-circular form common to parliaments and academies offering excellent visibility and geometrical regularity of the seating places. The acoustics were optimized by Prof. Giacomini of Rome’s Electro-Acoustics Institute. The Great Hall, or Auditorium, was complemented by several smaller rooms used for study and research, and now available for smaller events.

A skilful restoration project terminated in 2010 transformed the fascinating original structure into a modern and efficient centre for conferences and other events, with practical and versatile spaces suitable for meetings of all types and equipped with advanced technical facilities, managed by Fondazione Opere Antoniane (FOA) to sustain the missions of the Friars Minor throughout the world.